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Whether you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree at one of Virginia’s best four-year schools or go directly into the workforce, Tidewater Community College has an affordable degree that’s perfect for you and your goals. From accounting and acquisition to business administration and management, TCC’s business program options are designed to give you in-depth instruction and a strong foundation in the world of business.



Accounting is more than just filing taxes. Expanding businesses, changing financial regulations and increased scrutiny of company finances have led to a growing demand and new opportunities in this field. Learn more about our Accounting program.


Acquisition & Procurement

TCC’s career studies certificate in acquisition and procurement will expose you to all aspects of government contracting at the federal, state, and local levels. Learn more about our Acquisition & Procurement program.


Administrative Support Technology

Build skills that are valued in every field with Tidewater Community College’s administrative support technology programs! Learn more about our Administrative Support Technology program.

Business Administration

Business Administration

Tidewater Community College’s Associate of Science in Business Administration can prepare you for a rewarding career in fields ranging from accounting to marketing. Learn more about our Business Administration program.

Culinary Arts

Learn from expert faculty chefs who combine practical experience and academic perspective in all course work and integrate computer applications in the classroom and labs. Learn more about our Culinary Arts program.

Hospitality Management


Working in hospitality management is a rewarding career in a customer-oriented, people-first field. And ample employment opportunities are available in Hampton Roads. Tourism is the second largest revenue generator in Virginia Beach, supporting more than 12,000 jobs. Learn more about our Hospitality Management program.

Management Icon


Tidewater Community College’s management programs can prepare you for a rewarding career in fields ranging from marketing to small business management and entrepreneurship. Learn more about our Management program.

Restaurant Management

With local eateries, popular chains and numerous high-end restaurants in every city in Hampton Roads, a certificate in restaurant management can open doors to a fulfilling career. Learn more about our Restaurant Management program.